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ACER: A Stand Alone, New Adult, Underworld Crime Romance (The Kent Brothers Book 1)

ACER: A Stand Alone, New Adult, Underworld Crime Romance (The Kent Brothers Book 1)

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Has life ever thrown you so many curve balls at once you didn’t know how to handle them?
It happened to me just when things were going my way.
As an FBI field agent, a case brought me face-to-face with the most beautiful man I’d ever seen, 
Acer Kent.
Dark hair, eyes to match, and a smile to melt the most frozen of hearts.
This chance encounter should’ve been about solving a crime.
But something deeper occurred.
Though I tried to ignore the intense emotions between us, I caved.
In doing so, what I thought was the beginning of a love story for us, turned out to be a horrific nightmare.
I should’ve walked away, ignored him, listened to my instincts.
Instead, we both fell hard, and now he was paying the price for those actions.
My life, everything I worked for, unraveled at light speed.
But it was time to turn the tables on those who’d perpetrated the destruction.
The target they’d so blatantly placed on the one I loved was now on the backs of those who had hurt him.
And nothing would stop me until every last one of them was taken down.

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