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Gridless - Eric Whetstone

Gridless - Eric Whetstone

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Instant communication. Nonstop news cycles. Self-driving autos. That's what our world had become. Staring at our "devices" while autobots drove us to work. It was a lot to absorb for old-school types like Jake. He'd achieved urban success and was doing his best to evolve. Like everyone else, he was dependent on the grid. It brought the power, carried the news and entertainment, and tracked the distribution of food, water, and life for all. But past experiences had turned Jake into a bit of a "prepper." He worried if he was a bit crazy. But then it all goes dark. The nation's power grid collapses. At a breaking point from societal and governmental pressures, a natural disaster brings it all down. Jake and Rachel's family is separated by thousands of miles, without communication, without technology - without the grid. All they have are the plans and musings Jake's instilled. As the country unravels, this small family will work to hold it all together. Will the darkness last days, weeks, or years? Whatever the duration, it will change your life in a moment. Will you be ready? What do you do when you find yourself "gridless"? A professional designer and communicator, Whetstone lives in north Texas. As a small-town farm boy, he's also shared conference tables with top CEOs and logged miles in tour buses of top entertainers. His experiences are incredibly diverse. Whetstone's seen his vehicles in magazines, written an album ("Rocket Fuel") and performed stand-up comedy. Now, he's written his first novel ("Gridless"). Whetstone also works alongside his beautiful wife, a former fashion model, on a number of ventures. Currently, they're renovating a historic home in Grapevine, Texas. And, they do have a cabin in Montana, where she catches bigger fish than he does.

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