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The Power of Mess: A guide to finding joy and resilience when life feels chaotic (Paperback)

The Power of Mess: A guide to finding joy and resilience when life feels chaotic (Paperback)

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We are taught to hate mess, whether it's an untidy bedroom or a chaotic divorce. But mess is important, because, like it or not, it is a big part of our lives and who we are. Things go wrong all the time and life rarely goes to plan. How do we stop that from being a recurring negative point in our lives, though?

Life is messy, the process of cleansing and healing is hard, and the only way is through. But what if the process of 'sorting through' didn't have to feel as draining as it often does? What if there were a way of resolving life's mess that could set you upon a path of discovering deeper and truer versions of yourself? What if the mess that comes up along the way liberated you into living an integrated, wholesome, blossoming life?

The Power of Mess Samantha Lourie offers a way of working through the messy aspects of life that develops a sense of resilience and a quiet assurance that we will be okay. She encourages us to own the mess and see our lives as an epic journey where we pick up the pieces along the way and make something authentic out of them. The loss, hurt and mess are still there, but our perception of their place in our lives has changed.

We've dropped the old maps and manuals behind and started paving our own path through the mess. We are empowered because of it.

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