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ALONG THE RIVER OF ZURISEES: The Journey of Geminii & Pipsy Lee

ALONG THE RIVER OF ZURISEES: The Journey of Geminii & Pipsy Lee

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Earthquakes. Fires and storms. Volcanic eruptions. The world is shifting beneath their feet. In this sudden darkening age of nature’s fury, Geminii discovers the cause is far more sinister than he could ever imagine. After he and Pipsy Lee survive an earthquake in the Mellebruce forest, a whimsical Seer named Gnoctinio arrives in Aura to inform the boy that his younger sister is being hunted by an ancient evil known as Bennu and they must accompany him north to escape its fury. Desperate for answers, Geminii is determined to keep Pipsy Lee safe as they weather the storms of Bennu’s rage while journeying through forests, deserts, and the mountains of Luniscovno Pass. Accompanied by Bacchus, a superstitious dwarf who bickers relentlessly with a centaur named Aspu, they are soon joined by Serse of Izu and her slightly clumsy and overeager protégé, Sven. Gnoctinio remains guarded, but as the Seer’s plan to defeat Bennu slowly comes to light, Geminii will need to summon all the courage he can to face what he must and accept the role he plays in Pipsy Lee’s fate. This adventure fantasy novel is an allegorical tale about epilepsy. Crossing into literary fiction, ALONG THE RIVER OF ZURISEES symbolizes the journey of a child who has severe epileptic seizures, told from the perspective of Pipsy Lee’s older brother, Geminii. It is a testament to the strength of the sibling bond in a time of suffering. With light-hearted humor and a variety of characters to lead the way, one can enjoy the story itself, or dive deeper into the waters winding along the river of seizures.

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