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Line Up!: Animals in Remarkable Rows

Line Up!: Animals in Remarkable Rows

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Much like humans, many animals line up for a variety of reasons. Rather than forming lines for the school bus or recess, the animals featured in Susan Stockdale’s book form lines for
  • safety: baby Mallard ducklings follow their mother to the water for their first swim
  • warmth: turtles climb into a stacked line for a better share of the sun’s rays
  • navigation: Arctic wolves follow the prints in the snow left by the pack leader
  • food: ants line up to follow the scent of their leader to food and safety
  • travel: pink flamingos form a line to reduce wind resistance and fly more efficiently
 Featuring birds, crustaceans, fish, insects, mammals, and reptiles from around the world, Line Up is a cozy and comforting book that reminds us of our similarities while illuminating some specific, distinctive behaviors.

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