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Psychocide Reversal: Rebooting the species

Psychocide Reversal: Rebooting the species

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Get the full-system upgrade, activation and reboot! Psychocide Reversal exposes the true drivers of global crises, dysfunction and dictatorship, providing a masterful recovery program for people and planet. Discoverthe root cause of crises; the reasons for the tech takeover and our role in its unfolding;the politics of disempowerment and where true governance lies; how to restore the natural chain of life; why challenges provide all the clues for turning things around; and how to elevate our consciousness to create our own reality. With a unique understanding of our thwarted evolution, Olga Sheean challenges us to confront our inner demons, master our minds, reconnect with Mother Earth, reclaim our personal autonomy, and reboot the species for a world that works.

A radical remake for 
Homo sapiens, this book takes you ona transformative journey of self-discovery and self-reclamation, showing you where the true power lies and how to start living it. It’s a confronting read, guaranteed to trigger some resistance as it explores the truth of who you really are, shows you how to regain control of your life, teaches you how to create your ideal reality, and brings you out the other side a totally different person—enlightened, inspired and capable of things you never imagined.

“This book is not for the faint-hearted. Capturing wisdom and provocative thinking that the world desperately needs, it challenges our programming at the core. We have a choice—to believe everything we are told, or to think for ourselves, love and accept ourselves, and refuse to be taken over by lies and technosmog. Do not put this book down because something does not resonate with you. Read it to the end. It just might change your life forever.”
—Davida van der Walt, industrial psychologist, integrative health coach, author of 
No More Illness—life after autoimmune disease

“If Psychocide Reversal makes you delve deeper into your heart, mind and soul to question the very foundation of your being, and if it inspires you to reclaim your authentic self and respect our planetary home, then I believe Olga Sheean will have accomplished her goal in writing this monumental book. It certainly did this for me.”
Dee Rowland, researcher, writer, performer

“Olga Sheean's extraordinary book, Psychocide Reversal, explores the full spectrum of issues negatively impacting our world and, more specifically, those who inhabit it. Profoundly changing our perception of how life works—and how to make it work for us—it challenges us all to take charge of our destinies.”
—Elize Potgieter, designer, lecturer

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